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Remember You are the Prize: One of my friends on FB today was wondering why there are so many magazine articles on how a woman can keep a man, but she has not seen as many about how a man can keep a woman. I’ve not done the research, so the jury’s still out on that one.

Her comment reminded me of a story with my daughter. Here’s what I told my friend: I’ll admit it. I was watching The Bachelor with my at-the-time-preteen daughter, Arie. (Didn’t let her see inappropriate scenes). We watched it like some men watch football, yelling at the screen when there’s a bad play.

Case in point: a beautiful young woman was crying on-camera because she’s being sent home by the Bachelor, who, by the way, had been simultaneously kissing scores of women. My daughter and I wondered if leaving was really a loss on this young woman’s part.

While this young woman tearfully pondered what mistakes she may have made to cause the Bachelor to reject her, Arie was horrified. Indignant, really. As this woman questioned herself and mourned this relationship loss, Arie almost roared, “Why are you CRYING because he doesn’t want you? YOU. ARE. THE. PRIZE!! HE’D BE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU…YOU ARE THE PRIZE!!”

I sat back stunned, so proud at that moment.

At eleven years old, my girl knew her worth was rooted in more than a person’s opinion. Yes, relationships are 2-way-streets and can be wonderful. But if someone you’re with wants to roam, let them. Let them go. That person’s not ready.

Instead, live your life well. Craft a life you love. Help others. Love people. Lean into God. Become the hero you need and you’ll attract amazing people to your path.

Never forget that you are beautiful because of WHO you are. Your beauty and worth are validated by God, Himself, not by a list of hoops to jump through to keep someone’s interest (man or woman). In God’s love you can rest, and, while enjoying the beautiful life you have chosen and crafted, an amazing person may come along to share it with you. Or many amazing family and friends.

Maybe that word it for someone today. It was on my heart to share. You are beautiful simply because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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