About Widow Strong

Hi…My name is Mishael Porembski and, as the founder of Widow Strong, I’d like to welcome you to our website and share a bit of our background and mission. I’m a widowed mom raising two daughters near Atlanta, GA. My family tragically lost my husband to suicide while I pregnant with my second daughter in 2007 while my oldest daughter was still a toddler.

Through making healthy choices, depending on my hope in Jesus, and mindfully healing in body, mind, and spirit, God transformed my intense pain into purpose, blessed us with a beautiful, growing community, and taught us to craft a life we love.

In time, I founded Widow Strong, a 501c3 nonprofit, and the Widow Strong Widows’ Empowerment Center Headquarters in Marietta, GA. We provide consistent, fun, active grief support to widows and their fatherless children. We also offer in-person and online monthly events & workshops for widowed families. We are blessed to grow local Widow Strong chapters in partnership with local churches in other states as well.

I believe with all my heart that when widows and their children are properly supported through grief, they can become powerhouse leaders of compassion in our communities, locally, nationally, and internationally. That’s our mission at Widow Strong, to help widows and their children become stronger together in body, mind, and spirit!

Here are our three ways we help widows and their children.

1) Care – Reaching widows and their fatherless children through online & local environments that listen, love, empower, and teach.

2) Community – Serving widowed families through in-person and online Biblically-based small groups, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, videos, and activities available throughout the year to help support widows and their fatherless children.

3) CultivateTraining local lay and widowed leaders to utilize our grief empowerment resources and small group studies in partnership with local churches to provide consistent support for widows and their fatherless children.