About Widow Strong


Empowering widowed moms and their children to be their Best Selves through Health, Hope, and Healing! Vote Widow Strong #Top10!

Thank you for visiting our website. As the founder, I am a widowed mom raising two daughters near Atlanta, GA. I tragically lost my husband to suicide while pregnant with my second daughter in 2007 while my oldest daughter was still a toddler.

Through getting healthy, finding hope in God, and taking the time to heal, I found dynamic recovery from depression and grief. In time, I founded Widow Strong, a 501c3 nonprofit, and the Widow Strong Widows’ Empowerment Center Headquarters in Marietta, GA. We provide consistent, fun, active grief support to widows and their fatherless children. We also offer monthly events for widowed families as well as online and in-person grief care. We have grown to additional chapters in Texas & Ohio.

I believe with all my heart that when widows and their children are properly supported through grief, they can become powerhouse leaders of compassion in our communities, locally, nationally, and internationally. That’s our mission at Widow Strong, to help widows and their children to live a life they love after loss.

Here are our three ways we help widows and their children.

1) Give Her Help Beyond the Casserole – Resource Center for Healing We provide inspirational and practical ways to empower widows to process grief through our “180 Your Life” Grief Empowerment Study books, audiobooks, videos, and Biblically-based small group grief support 10-week and 12-month program packages. “180 Your Life is like finding a compass for the uncharted territories that come from losing a loved one.” – Julie Stewart Griffis, widow of 10 months, mother of 3

2) Turn Her Tragedy into Triumph – Practical uplifting training for the body, mind, and spirit. Our courses, small group sessions, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, videos, and activities available throughout the year help support widows facing tough decisions and who want to start a new life of promise and possibilities for themselves and their children.

3) Give Her Real Hope for Real Grief – A community where widows can be inspired by people who have transformed their lives after loss – Support groups and activities that make a real difference. We encourage participation in our private Facebook groups, as well as our in-person events and weekly online events. We support individuals, groups and organizations who want to start local Widow Strong chapters using our resource materials.