About Mishael


Hi, my name is Mishael Porembski. If you’re a widow or woman going through the loss of a loved one, I’m so sorry for your pain and so thankful you are here. As a widowed mother, I was desperate to heal in body, mind, and spirit after losing my sweet husband to suicide when I was seven months pregnant and my oldest daughter was a toddler.

During that time I cried out to God and wondered, “Will be get through this? Is there real hope for real pain? Will my children be alright? Will I be alright?”

I craved a holistic grief empowerment program in a Biblical foundation that empowered widows, like myself, and helped our children recover from the losses we experienced.

I was tired of asking, “Why did this happen to me?” and wanted to take action, finding real hope for real grief. I sought to heal for my mind, body, and spirit through healthy choices. I asked some widowed friends to join me, and our lives changed dramatically. Not finding a program like this, I developed 180 Your Life as a curriculum and Widow Strong as our sister nonprofit to provide fresh, dynamic support teams to consistently empower bereaved women and our grieving families with health, hope, and healing. Join me as we get #StrongerTogether!

What is 180 Your Life?

Think of 180 Your Life as Grief Share meets the Daniel Plan meets a video Bible study. 180 Your Life is different from other grief programs because we integrate scientifically proven, clinically-tested PTSD strategies with Biblically-based healing strategies for body, mind, and spirit after a traumatic loss.
180 Your Life is a fresh, healthy, Biblically-based, grief guide. Through the 180 Your Life Eight-Step Program, readers learn to craft a life of purpose that they love and leverage their loss into a lasting legacy of hope for themselves, their friends, and their families.

What I Want You To Know

You can do this and you are not alone. The paradox of grief is that God can transform our suffering into the catalyst to your most dynamic and purposeful life. I want to empower you with the necessary tools to create a healthy, peaceful foundation for mind, body, and spirit, on which you can build your best, most meaningful life after loss. 180 Your Life provides the stories, experts, and tools to create purpose from pain and a lasting legacy of hope. The surprising result: your newfound joy!

How Did I Develop 180 Your Life and Widow Strong?
After being trained as a missionary with Youth with a Mission, then becoming a 20-year national network news veteran, and Southeastern Emmy Award documentarian, I combined my passion to serve with my broadcast journalism skills to interview a winning team of experts to compile proven and cutting-edge research, providing a fresh, healthy approach to grief recovery. The principles of 180 Your Life were gleaned from the experience and success of bereaved women who decided to become a team with a common goal, train body, mind, and spirit, and create triumph in their lives by inspiring one another, pursing God, achieving their goals, and helping others. I tested this program on real-life widows. The amazing result was a life they loved!

Widow Strong is our sister 501c3 nonprofit that provides support for area and online widow empowerment events, grief support groups, widow-support service projects, and widowed leadership training. When churches and individuals use our 180 Your Life grief empowerment resources, those proceeds support our FREE programs and environments for widows and their children.

What Do I Know for Sure?
Even when life feels upside down in a broken world, and your heart is shattered, God is there. Jesus loves you and He has a purpose for your life, as it is today. Your best life is still possible, a life that is vibrant and full. A life that can become your Great Adventure with God.
I railed at God for no short amount of time, furious that I was now a widow, broken because I deeply missed my husband, best friend, and father of my children.

I also knew that my children did not deserve to be raised in a house of sadness. I had to take action. I had to find my joy again. I needed God’s help and I needed the support of women who understood my loss and had healed well.

Though my heart was broken and trust shattered, I still chose to stay with God through prayer–even enraged prayer–reading my Bible, making healthy choices, and doing life in a supportive community.

This became the secret sauce that God used to bring beauty from the ashes of our loss. If He did that for me, I believe He can do that for you too.
That’s the story of 180 Your Life. It’s the real-life journey of how grief transformed our lives into a vibrant lifestyle and purpose that I never expected.

My prayer is that 180 Your Life empowers your small group through authentic faith and wisdom, to transform tragedy into triumph and that widows are empowered to find health, hope, and healing through Widow Strong.