Powerful Father’s Day Promises for Widows & Their Children

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My fire alarm chirped in the early morning hours today, of all days, Father’s Day. I forgot to change the battery, and laid in bed praying could I just please, PLEASE sleep through it and avoid getting up to push the reset button?

Nope. Not today.

The fire alarm, positioned on the ceiling right outside my bedroom door, continued to intermittently chirp, taunting me out of bed.

It was around 3 AM this morning as I stood, in a sleepy haze, precariously balanced on a dining room chair, cautiously craning towards the ceiling to push that blasted fire alarm reset button. One. Last. Loud. Chirp.

Ahhh, blessed relief.

A curious thing happened at zero-dark-thirty this morning, once I was again standing firmly on the carpet…I noticed distinct blue and white lights flashing in my living room. Is this a dream? Am I being arrested?

I looked out our urban condo’s living room window, which overlooks the onramp of GA-400, to see police car lights flashing, most likely a traffic stop.

Shuffling back to bed, I remembered when it was a BIG DEAL on November 21, 2021.
God was sharing with me a loving reminder of His promise to be present and protect, on today, Father’s Day.

It was a chilly November morning, Arie, my oldest daughter, woke me up around 2:00 AM. We were living in an area of Marietta that makes the urban parts of Buckhead, where we now live, look like a day at Disney. Arie opened my bedroom door and said in a concerned voice, “Mom, there are lots of police in our driveway. I think they are arresting someone outside my bedroom window.”

I also prized sleep at that time and responded, “Climb into bed with me and go back to sleep.” I was thinking that if it was an active police scene outside our home, it would be better for Arie to be in the back of the house in my bedroom with me. After a few minutes in my bed, Arie was firm, “Mom, you have to get up. I’m sure the police will be knocking on our door.”

I got up from bed, put a robe on, and looked down the length of our 100-year-old, rented shotgun-style home. Blue and white lights were flashing surprisingly close through our living room curtains. Peering through the curtains, my jaw dropped, five police cars were in front of our home.

The police knocked on my door and I invited them in. Two officers shared all the details. Long story short, there had been a high-speed chase that ended IN OUR DRIVEWAY, with the perp’s sports car careening towards our front door and Arie’s adjacent bedroom.

“This could have ended very differently, M’am,” the officer said, “You were very lucky.”

With speeds up to 100 mph, perp hit our front-yard low retaining wall at just the right angle to cause the cinderblocks to burst apart and help to stop the car at a literal 16 INCHES from our front door, which was adjacent to Arie’s bedroom.

When I went outside in the crisp November night air, I saw something I’ll never forget. The front wheel of the sports car was ripped down from its axle, like the car had hit an invisible wall.

As if God had said, “YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS.”

I stood in awe in our front yard for an hour. Amazed to see, in

note front wheel ripped down from the axle.

real-time, God’s promise of protection for widows and their children.

“A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5

“Leave your fatherless children; I will keep them alive. Your widows too can depend on me.” Jeremiah 49:11

As a widowed mom, on Father’s Day, I’ve perfected a Cirque-Du-Soleil-level of expertise in the art of distraction and diversion from the ache of missing my late husband and father of my daughters (17 years) and my own father (six years).

It’s good to empower Father’s Day through activities, giving to others, athletic events, and even travel. Yesterday some of our Widow Strong members and their children had a great time together exercising, enjoying gifted products from Whole Foods, and sharing a meal. Caring community is so important!

As the founder of Widow Strong, I hope to share inspirational hope and activities for Father’s Day…when the truth also is…

There’s a part of Father’s Day that still hurts.

Whether you’re missing an earthly father or the wish of a good father, the presence of healthy fathers is precious and powerful. And feeling their absence is profound.

To some, Father’s Day can feel like a highlight reel of what we are missing.

However, God reminded me this morning, through those flashing police lights reflected in my living room, “Daughter, I’m your Father and I’m here. You are not alone.” God adores us and takes His promises seriously.

As a widowed mom, I’ve seen Him honor His promises in very real ways.

So this Father’s Day, yes, do something fabulous to honor the fathers and fathers-of-the-heart that bless us all.

Widowed moms and solo moms, you also have my permission to double-dip (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) doing something fabulous for you and your family because solo parenting is a unique calling and trust-journey.

Men, we are so grateful for you…Men who are biological fathers, solo fathers, adopted fathers, and men who bless others through faith, friendship, and family. You are so needed, your masculine presence is appreciated, and God bless you!

And as a gentle reminder, friends, God ADORES you and He wants to share His Father’s heart for and with you.

“God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

His love for you is real and a beautiful adventure.

God Bless you on this Father’s Day.


~ Mishael Porembski

Founder, Widow Strong

Author, 180 Your Life print and video grief resilience small group study

Certified & Insured Life Coach, Grief Strong Coaching


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