• 180 Your Life’s year-long grief empowerment plan provides a practical, healthy roadmap to recovery from trauma or loss. Mishael presents the wisdom needed to restore a healthier order to this sacred time of grief. I strongly recommend this beautiful work. It’s an incredible read.

    Amy Billingsley
    Amy Billingsley MS, LPC, Covenant Counseling and Consulting
  • Time does not heal all wounds. It just gives you a few more seconds before the loss begins again each day. How is it possible to rebuild from so much grief? Mishael Porembski survived this harsh, tilted world and will show you the way out. Her book is a blueprint for something you need as badly as rebuilding — a cry of joy and not pain.

    Bob Dotson
    Bob Dotson New York Times Best Selling Author of "American Story, a Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things"
  • As a Pastor, I find this book to be the best resource on grieving and overcoming emotional and spiritual pain. Mishael provides tools for healing as well as a practical plan to effectively move forward.  

    Dan Plourde
    Dan Plourde Senior Pastor, Calvary Church - Jupiter, Florida
  • Mishael Porembski speaks like a seasoned sister, who has been where no one would choose to go and charted a powerful path through the treacherous terrain of devastating loss. As practical as she is poetic, her curriculum not only inspires but insists on hope. It’s a compassionate but firm hand that strengthens every part of the grief-stricken life, including finances, fitness, and friendships.

    Elizabeth Fountain
    Elizabeth Fountain Women’s Ministry Leader and Author of "Come, Fill the Gap"
  • Most women I know have been touched by devastating loss in one way or another. We all need an arsenal of tools for recovery. Mishael's book focuses on the most positive and efficient path to wellness and conveys the courage and strength to survive and thrive!

    Ingrid Noerenberg
    Ingrid Noerenberg Single mom of 3 teenagers
  • The greatest stories are shaped by our most challenging moments, Mishael is an example of great triumph after tragedy. You will be inspired by her resilience and reminded of our call to love and care for widows in our community. I believe in Mishael and her important message.

    Jeff Shinabarger
    Jeff Shinabarger Founder of Plywood People and Author of "More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity"
  • 180 Your Life is like finding a compass for the uncharted territories that come from losing a loved one. As a widow, I worked through the pages of this guide, and I applied the practical life principles you will find at the end of each chapter. It was transformative! If you have experienced loss, then grab this book and allow the pages to chart your course to healing and restoration.

    Julie Stewart Griffis
    Julie Stewart Griffis Widowed 10 months, Mother of 3
  • Mishael Porembski allows us into her journey through one of the greatest tragedies in life—that of losing a spouse. I longed for someone to understand the depth of my pain, and to give me hope for the days ahead. Mishael provides the guidance and direction needed to survive grief and to ultimately turn tragedy into triumph.

    Lori McNamara
    Lori McNamara Widowed 15 months, Founder of 320 Ministries International
  • 180 Your Life is an authentic perspective of how challenging dealing with the sudden and unexpected loss of a spouse can be. Mishael takes the reader on her own personal journey to the depths of depression and then shares her inspirational story of how she was able to regain her passion for life and even find more purpose than before the tragedy. This is a must-read book for anyone dealing with losing a spouse as well as those who are close to someone who has recently gone through such grief.

    Mike Wien
    Mike Wien Founder & President, Specific Edge, LLC and Vice President of the Board for USA Triathlon, the governing body for triathlons within the United States Olympic Committee
  • I joined Widow Strong seeking friendship with women who understood my grief. Being a part of such a supportive group was life-changing for me. "180 Your Life" is the blueprint of positive steps that really worked to strengthen the widows of our team and help us craft a fun and adventurous “New Normal.”

    Natalie Simmons
    Natalie Simmons Army widow for 12 years and one of the original eight members of Widow Strong