Widows Honoring Veterans Day

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Happy Veterans Day!
I’m missing my favorite Marine today.
It’s hard to believe that your Celebration of Life was 2 years ago. I’m jealous that you are with our Savior. I can’t imagine what that is like.
I know that you are no longer in pain and for that, I am so thankful. It was hard each day to see you fighting the pain and limitations that the stroke caused you.
Life has been different without you. I am blessed with a tribe of widow warrior friends who are traveling this unknown journey with me, and for that I am grateful.
It is not the same as when you were here, and you would have me laughing, making silly faces. Please know that I am not alone. God has provided us every day with strength, laughter, perseverance, and love when needed. I miss you terribly.
Jodi Oakley O’Brien
Widowed Mom & Board of Directors Member of Widow Strong
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