Widow Strong Saturday Salsa: Information Correction Update & Pivoting to Serve During COVID19

 In General

Dear Friends,

Ya’ll please pardon my second newsletter in a day, it has a necessary correction in our first section regarding meal distribution. For those who haven’t yet opened our newsletter, you now have the most updated information! Here’s how the original newsletter began…

Like all of us, I needed some time to process and pivot to meet the changing needs of our community due to the COVID 19 pandemic crisis. From food distribution, to live, online workshops, webinars, and prayer meetings, Widow Strong’s mission continues to support our widows, their children, and our community! We are #StrongerTogether! Let’s get started!

Food Distribution

1. Correction: In partnership with Operation Meal Plan, Widow Strong is now a twice-weekly food distributor to widowed families and those that are food-insecure with hot, individually-prepared, restaurant meals. The meals are courtesy of very generous individuals who are contributing to Operation Meal Plan, a fund started by the Cobb Chamber at Cobb Community Foundation. In this partnership with The Center for Family Resources, restaurants are supplying these meals at cost to help non-profits and help keep their employees employed. This is a partnership between community members and non-profits who care deeply for those in our community who are especially struggling during this difficult time. Cobb County is not involved. My apologies, friends, for first sharing incomplete/incorrect information.

Last week we at Widow Strong, in connection with Operation Meal Plan, were honored to feed widows, solo moms, the elderly, and families thanks to this amazing program, its donors, partners, and coordinators! Please read the distribution details in the “about” sections of the following links.

Here’s the link to our FB bi-weekly distribution event: https://www.facebook.com/events/623551928493690

Here’s the WS link to reserve meals: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090b48abaf2ba20-w…

Will you please consider partnering with Widow Strong as we initiate additional programs to support widows, their children, and our community? Here’s our quick, easy, giving campaign link. https://widowstrong.kindful.com/?campaign=1048927

2. Coming Clean & Personal Hygiene: THANK YOU to Whole Foods for donating personal hygiene products to Widow Strong for distribution to our widowed families! We so appreciate the heart of Whole Foods to serve widows in this unprecedented time! Please email me if you need personal hygiene products.

3. Foraging for Healthy Greens Workshop & WS Gathering Tomorrow, Sunday April 5th: We launch our ONLINE Widow Strong Workshop and Online Gathering Event, from 4-6 PM EST, with a demo on Foraging for Healthy Greens in Your Own Backyard with Chef Evelyn, personal chef to national celebrities. Chef Evelyn will join us virtually from 4-5 PM EST with her live, online demo and then we’ll have a private time of online widow group connection and conversation from 5-6 (or longer if our tribe likes). Widows from anywhere in the US may join us for this LIVE event! This event is Widows-Only. We will make the video recording of Chef Evelyn’s workshop (not our widow discussion) available to everyone across our social media platforms in next week’s newsletter.

If you are a widow, please use this link to join this WS Gathering event taking place tomorrow: https://www.facebook.com/events/864826870640108/

4. Calling Widows/Wives/Solo Women to our Prayer Circle: We now offer weekly live, online praise and prayer meetings via Zoom to widows/wives/solo women every Thursday night. Join our FB group to learn more. This gathering is not widow-specific. If you want to hear AMAZING stories of God’s faithfulness, share a time of praise and prayer, join us for a wonderful, uplifting time together!

Here’s the link to our FB Prayer Circle Page that has all the info and updates. Don’t let the Widow Strong branding scare you, wives and solo women, you can’t catch widowhood by association but we can all be inspired together! https://www.facebook.com/groups/3148445641854104

5. Coming Attractions: We will be updating our calendar this upcoming week with our Widow Strong Zoom chapter meetings and upcoming webinars on the 8 Steps of Grief Empowerment in 180 Your Life for those experiencing grief due to COVID 19. This live, online event is not widow specific.

A Note from Mishael: Friends, please consider making your tax-deductible donation to Widow Strong TODAY. Support of our widows, their children, and our community is entirely crowd-funded. Due to COVID 19, we lost a significant portion of our individual donors and a few small business too . As the founder, I am a widowed mom and it is my honor to serve full-time. Every donation keeps me on this mission and the Widows’ Center open and operating so we may continue fulfilling the call of James 1:27 by providing vital programs and services both in-person and virtually to widows and their children.

Here are a few suggested donation options to partner with Widow Strong as we continue serving widowed families and our community during this time.

$25 helps us outreach, coordinate, and distribute a restaurant meals (one per family member) once a week for a month to a widowed family, solo-mom family, family, or elderly persons in-need at this time. Meals provided by Operation Meal Plan.

$50 helps us outreach, coordinate, and distribute a restaurant meal (one per family member) twice a week for a month to a widowed family, solo-mom family, family, or elderly persons in-need at this time. Meals provided by Operation Meal Plan and hygiene products have been provided by Whole Foods, while supplies last.

$100 helps us outreach, coordinate, and distribute a restaurant meal (one per family member) twice a week for a month to a widowed family, solo-mom family, family, or elderly persons in-need at this time. Meals provided by Operation Meal Plan and hygiene products have been provided by Whole Foods, while supplies last. This donation level also supports our FREE online grief support programs via ZOOM meeting.

Friends, your donations do not determine whether a family will receive help from Widow Strong. At this critical time, we strive to serve everyone who comes to our door, widowed or not. You donations keep our doors open, staffed, and supplied so that we may continue to serve. Yes, there are grants and we have applied and continue to apply for them, but grants take time. Individual donations are still the fastest way to provide fuel for our fire. And just to be clear, your donations do not directly pay for meals supplied by Operation Meal Plan. Those meals are generously provided free-of-charge through Operation Meal Plan to Widow Strong.

If you can give at this time, please us this link: https://widowstrong.kindful.com/?campaign=1048927

Thank you to our Sponsors! Widow Strong events are supported by our community sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Thank you! Please support businesses that support widow empowerment Visit our sponsor page by clicking HERE!

Sharing hope, health, and healing with widows and their children is our honor. Your financial partnership directly supports our Widow Strong outreach and group programs.

Be strong and courageous, for the LORD is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Stronger Together,

Mishael Porembski

Founder, Widow Strong


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