Widow Empowerment Center Opening Recap

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THANK YOU FOR HELPING! Recap from Last Sunday: 180 Your Grief Widows’ Empowerment Center Grand Opening: When Arie was 11 years old, she said while on our European trip, “I’ve learned that making a dream come true is possible with God, but it takes a lot of people working together.” This is true for our Widows’ Empowerment Center. Friends worked together to make the magic happen during a Tropical Storm which contributed pouring rain and 40mph gusts of wind. We were working soΒ hard that we didn’t take many pictures, but what did happen was Beautiful. Determination. Love. Unity. Hope. And that’s what you need when forging through the storm of grief. Thank you to Whole Foods, Vitamix, Chick Fil A at Sprayberry, Flood Student Missions, Papa Johns, and Doterra Oils as our sponsors! Thank you as well to the amazing friends from baking cookies, to helping set up, to showing up, to serving! You all joined forces to help make our dream of a full-time widows’ brick and mortar facility for widows run by widows come true! We love you all! We can never say THANK YOU ENOUGH! (And yes, even though we’ve had to reorganize our staff in past days, we will have our first Widow Walk event this week).

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