Today Marks the end of Seven Years

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Today Marks the end of Seven Years
since my late husband, best friend and
father of my children,
Jason went to Heaven.

I Still See him every day
in the Laughter of my Daughters,
In the Kind Compassion of Arie
and in Sophia’s Joy in Music.

I see him when We Three
walk together on a hike,
enjoying the Simple Pleasures of nature,
or when the girls Dance for me in a play
they created just before dinner.

I often say “I Hope you can see this, Baby,
Because your Girls are AMAZING!”

While We have Missed Him Dearly
and at times the Journey has not been smooth,
I am so Very Thankful for
the Time
We Shared together
For the Amazing Friends and Family
Who have Sojourned With us
(You each are so Very Important in our Journey)
And for the Living Gifts of
Our Children.

Today I Celebrate
With a walk in the Sunshine
Breathing in Crisp Air
Your Warm Smile and Love,
Filled with Gratitude for
The Priceless Treasures,
Past and Present,
God has given us.

And so We Begin, with Deep Gratitude,
The Eighth Year,
a number of New Beginnings…

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