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The Risk Blessing: Selling our beloved home last October to fund our #180U grief empowerment video course brought a mix of emotions to me and my young daughters: it was scary, sad and exciting. Focused on what was necessary when house hunting (master on the main for my 82 year old dad and a video production area), I was really surprised when God provided exactly what we needed and more (we found this rental house 10 DAYS before we had to move)!

My jaw dropped when first touring this house because it had what we needed AND a Sursprise for me. There was a room for my secret dream: a craft room to enjoy with my daughters! Thank you Maille Heneghan for your excellent organizational skills in bringing our craft room to life!

I built this dollhouse (pictured) when I was 13 years old and carted it around with me: to college, different states and multiple moves over that last 35 years in hopes that one day I could renovate it with my own daughters. Now, just when they are old enough, God provides a whole room for us to do it in and a wonderful friend and former neighbor in Maille to help us get it done! This dream coming true didn’t happen in my timing, but it happened in the right time.

Taking a risk like this was scary: selling our home and leaving our neighborhood as a widowed mom with young girls, following a call, and using my late husband’s death benefits to create dynamic, team-oriented grief programming that helps to healthfully empower body, mind and spirit for widows and bereaved women with #180YourLife.

And yet, God shows me again and again that He is trustworthy and will not just take care of our family’s needs but knows the secret desires of our hearts that we wouldn’t dare ask for.

Taking a risk to follow your purpose, saying YES to your own God Adventure, is sometimes scary because it’s a daily trust-walk that is constantly larger than you…There’s a reason for that. The risks we face force us to trust God with every step.

When my father or mother would work on a project with me, the deeper purpose was always about growing together, spending time together and the joy of co-creating. That’s the stuff that lasts.

I think God enjoys the journey with us in the same way. Stepping out in faith is part of that process because if we could get the project done only in our own strength, then we miss the joy of trusting God and experiencing His faithfulness on His timetable.

So thankful for all the amazing friends, neighbors and family that have helped us to get to this place…You are our Amazing Team and we love you!

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1 Peter 5:7
Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.

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