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Had a lovely time last night with wonderful friends and neighbors. I love that several of us like to theme our summers.Β Mary BowenΒ and I thought a good theme for this season would be the “Summer of Detox.” Detox doesn’t have to mean subsisting on water with lemon for ungodly amounts of time. To me, the “Summer of Detox” can mean to clean something out and make it fabulous for your life. Detox relationships, detox a cluttered room, detox your clothes to have a more efficient laundry experience (um, yeah me for sure), detox some habits or unhealthy foods from these next few months. Anyone is welcome to join the fun and post here what they plan to detox as a way of accountability (family-friendly posts please). Which is why I’m posting right now. Publicly stating your intentions creates accountability. I will start by detoxing my laundry…going through our clothes and getting rid of what is not needed. Then we might detox my girls’ toys again. Once I get that done, I’ll set some new goals. And, heaven help me, I will detox sugar for one week. Starting yesterday, meaning I have six more days. If that week goes well, I’ll try another. There’s a cool little book I picked up called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (thanks for inspiring me,Β Stephanie Matthews). I like the idea of only keeping around you that which sparks joy. So maybe the real theme is “The Summer of Joy” and detox in its various forms is a way of getting there. Wanna join me?

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