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GOD Often Provides when We Support One Another in Love! A HUGE THANK YOU to fellow widow ministry leader Lori Latch Apon and for offering to provide the funding for my daughter Sophia’s weekly tutoring through the end of her school year!! Perspective Ministries seeks to support widows with practical help, connecting the resources of local businesses and churches with the needs of widows and their fatherless children. Lori also hosts a beautiful Biblestudy for widows once a month, providing Biblically-based spiritual community and supoort. Lori, herself a Powerhuse Warrior Widow with 8 children, has been an inspiration and mentor to me in my widowhood to love and trust God as my Heavenly Husband. Our widows group, 180 Your Grief Widows Empowerment Center, offers health, couseling and wellness for body/mind/and spirit in a Biblical setting for #WidowsStrongerTogether. As we serve different needs of the widowed community, Real, VIBRANT Hope and Healing after Loss is possible! Thank you, Perspective Ministries for fulfilling the calling of James 1:27!

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