Resending: Widow Strong Friday Five: Honoring Bethany’s Legacy, Widow Strong App Launch, Join Live Support Groups Online, and More…

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Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you well. What a difference one week makes. We have a full line-up of topics for you today…

1. Last Sunday, August 4th, I read a Facebook post that shook me. My former triathlon coach, expert writing contributor to our 180 Your Life grief empowerment books and video series, an author in her own right, dedicated wife, IRONMAN triathlon athlete and coach, mother of twin boys that are almost one-year old, and faith-based believer, Bethany Rutledge, simply laid down for a nap and never woke up.

Bethany was 37 years old and the picture of radiant health, love, and compassion. To read a blog post by Atlanta-based author and triathlete Meredith Atwood about Bethany’s enduring legacy, click here,

To read a blog post from Bethany’s mother on hope in the midst of grief click here. Today, Friday August 9th, is Bethany’s memorial service. Please continue to keep Bethany’s family in prayer.

Bethany Blog Post

2. I promised that we would launch the Widow Strong app TODAY. I hesitated to announce our soft launch out of respect for Bethany and her family. Then I realized that this season of life is exactly why we created the Widow Strong app and so we launch it in Bethany’s honor.

The Widow Strong app has two purposes. First, we are passionate about serving the widowed community through education and connection. Secondly, our goal is to share insight and practical grief empowerment strategies with widows, those grieving the loss of a loved one, or supporting those who have lost a loved one.

As part of our newsletter community, please consider being the first to download and test the Widow Strong app and provide feedback at

Download the app in 3 ways:

a. Click here, Widow Strong app download.

b. Click on the picture below.

c. Text “WIDOWSTRONG APP” to the number 77977 on your cell phone. Thanks!

Widow Strong App Download

3. No Makeup, Morning Hair, and Prayer ONLINE! This picture is from this morning’s prayer session, hosted by our Texas Team Leaders, Carrie Stringer and Paula Warden.

You don’t have to be a widow to join us in prayer and for us to pray for you!

Send us your prayer requests at and/or join us live in a zoom meeting at 7:45 AM EST every weekday until Sept 10th! Click here to join our FB Prayer Challenge event.

3. Church Community Turns Tragedy into Triumph: Way to Go, Harmony Hill Baptist in Lufkin, TX! Church member and widowed mom, Carrie Stringer, approached her church, Harmony Hill Baptist, about hosting a new kind of healthy, active, grief support group using our 180 Your Life books and 12-month video series.

Harmony Hill Baptist embraced this idea and is supporting Carrie and her friend, Paula Warden, also a widowed mom, to lead this group. Church and widowed leaders are now in partnership to outreach into their community with hope, health, and healing strategies after loss! Excellent!

Would you like to join this group LIVE but are not in Lufkin, TX? That’s okay! You can join by using your smart phone or laptop camera! Zoom meeting live video conferencing details will be shared with group members by Carrie. Starts Sunday, August 25, 2019. Click here and sign up for this group today!

Harmony Hill Baptist 180 Link

Would you, your group, or your faith-based community like to sponsor / host a 180 Your Life grief empowerment team for widows, women, or a mixed group of adults? We can help with resources and leadership training! Email me, Mishael Porembski, today at for more information.

4. The Importance of Sleep: When we go through stress and loss, sleep can be the first thing to go. This is a powerful article about why sleep is so important. Click here to read.

5. Lastly, I’d like to share with you a video of my friend and coach, Bethany Rutledge, in our 180 Your Life grief empowerment video series. Bethany generously gave of her time, expertise, and talent to empower our Widow Strong community through education. She will be sorely missed and we will carry her inspiration forward. Click here or on the picture below to watch the full 20-minute 180 Your Life video session on “Training Plans Through Loss” with Bethany Rutledge.

180 Your Life session 13

Widow Strong programs and outreach events are completely crowd-funded. Our passion is to serve our widowed community with hope, health, and healing but we cannot do it alone. We appreciate our sponsors and the individuals that make our Widow Strong mission a reality.

Making a tax-deductible donation is fast and easy. We have NEW GIFTS to thank our donor community when you become a financial partner for as low as $7 per month. Click here to learn more. Thank you!


Would you like to become a corporate sponsor of a widows team? Please email me, Mishael Porembski, at for more information.

Sponsor Page

Join our newsletter list at

You don’t have to be a widow to glean helpful information from these amazing warrior women to empower your life and the lives of those around you. 🙂

Did you know that God promises to bless the “all the work of your hands” when you bless the widow and fatherless?

19 When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.” Deuteronomy 24: 19

Let’s Do This Together! Widow Strong!

Thank you for your support and God bless,

Mishael Porembski

Founder, Widow Strong

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