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POSSE POWER: Silently, in the background, our amazing posse of friends and family is in full force, especially this week. I just can’t name everyone, so please accept my apologies. From those making donations to support our Widow Empowerment Center https://www.gofundme.com/180YourGriefWidowsEmpowermentCenter, to Lori Latch Apon who coordinated yard care, thrilled my kids with having lights put on my house and blessed us with gifts, to my friends who helped decorate my house for Christmas, to my high school friends showing generous love to our family, to friends who brought food because this week is INTENSE, to my friend Audrey who took time to organize my papers while I went to an unexpected TV interview today ( one of at least 9 visiting family member to my house needs the daybed in my office), to the formidable team of fun and fabulous family that starts arriving tomorrow for our weekend to celebrate Papa and life together (we are so EXCITED), to the amazing team of elementary, middle school moms, and NBC, Beth Hallel, and so many other friends who are working together so Arie and Sophia can have the Chocolate, Polish Memorial Service for their Papa that they DREAM of…THANK YOU, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. WE JUST LOVE YOU ALL!! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE LOVE OF GOD TO OUR FAMILY IN SUCH LOVING AND PRACTICAL WAYS. I CANNOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!!

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