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I hope you had a beautiful Christmas/Hanukkah and we wish you a blessed new year! Thank you so much for

your enduring support. Your friendship means so much in making this ministry to widows a success.

I’m excited to share with you a few quick updates and an opportunity to support our nonprofit

2018 180 Your Life Widows’ Health and Wellness Team.

  • Pastor Ron Wean is now a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia specializing in grief, trauma, and substance abuse.
  • We have been providing weekly, free, active group-counseling sessions to widows with Pastor Ron and Mishael Porembski. We call them walk-and-talk counseling sessions and these are a proven from of PTSD therapy. Our widows love this active time together!
  • 180 Your Grief non-profit will be Ministry Venture certified in January 2018! Pastor Ron and Mishael Porembski have successfully completed the year-long Ministry Venture program which applies best sustainability practices to nonprofit ministries. Many large churches recognize Ministry Venture certified organizations and are more willing to financially support these ministries.
  • 180 Your Life on Atlanta Live! Our books and video curriculum were shared by Mishael and Pastor Ron in a TV interview on WATC Atlanta Live
  • On January 16th, Mishael will be share Healthy Steps through Grief featuring 180 Your Life before 15 million viewers on the nationally and internationally syndicated Christian TV show Babbie’s House on WATC Channel 57. Here’s the link to Babbie’s House:

  • Our 2018 12-Month Widows’ Team starts this January 4, 2018! We have 20 widows and widowed moms who are so excited to start! Together we will train body, mind, and spirit, as we train to cross a finish line at a 5K, 10K and Sprint Triathlon as a form of grief recovery.
  • Participation is free or nearly-free to all widows but is not free to create or sustain. Please consider making an end-of-year donation. Every bit really helps! When you empower a widow, you empower her whole family for generations to come.

2018 Widows' Team GoFundMe Campaign

  • Will you please help us by sharing our 2018 Widows’ Team Budget GoFundMe Campaign with your friends through social media before the end of this year? Studies show that we are 3X more likely to raise funds when friends promote our campaign on their social media feeds. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Are you or a friend interested in empowering widows and their families this year by volunteering your time, talent, or participating on our nonprofit board? Please let us know if you have time for a lunch or phone meeting in January.
  • Thank you again for your support! We couldn’t be helping widows and their families to become #StrongerTogether for generations to come without you!

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