Papa’s 84th Anniversary

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Today my father would have turned 84. It’s his first angel birthday and I’ve been so busy getting ready to move that I clear forgot to check today’s date and its significance. It dawned on me this afternoon when I was going through papers in my home office and found his birth certificate.

My father’s strong encouragement to me in his last days, you might even say, his dying wish was…”Daughter, you have to get an accountant.”

Dad was a pragmatic man and a poet gentleman.

There was nothing left unsaid between us, and his actual last words were of love and telling me that He thought I was beautiful the day before he passed…He also was adamant about an accountant.

Soon after Papa passed, God provided an amazing friend who also happened to be an excellent accountant throughΒ Millie Miles.

She came over today to help me finish my accounting for tax time…a WHOLE MONTH EARLY!! (I’m sure many of you get your taxes done early. I’m in awe of you, but this year I’m not jealous!) THANK YOU, Millie!!

As we finished the accounting, I shared with Millie that I just realized that today was my father’s birthday…and as it also happens, today, after a significant amount of time and work, we tackled and tamed my financial paperwork with success!

I keep wanting to call Papa to celebrate, or walk in his room so we could laugh and cheer together. I know my father would be THRILLED!! THANK YOU AGAIN, MILLIE!!

The day before, my girls and I confirmed a LOVELY place for us to live that we can afford. God has beautifully met our needs and even our wants! Incredible how He’s answered prayer!!

Arie, my 13-year-old, said in the car this morning, “I have learned through this time that God will never drop us. He is able to practically provide for us.”

Sometimes the hardest storms create the most beautiful blooms.

Usually, we celebrate Jason’s birthday in December as a fun way of honoring his memory. Today snuck up on me. I was so focused on completing taxes that I had not prepared to celebrate Papa’s birthday with my girls at all.

But God knew.

Without prompting, my friend Millie brought a yummy dinner with her when she came to help with accounting today. The delicious smells welcomed my girls when they arrived home from school.

Later in the day, our children played together at my house after school, and we all enjoyed Millie’s delicious meal!!

On the way home from school, we bought gluten free cakes, sparkling water and my girls’ favorite sparkling tangerine juice drinks (which they from our fancy Wal-Mart wine glasses) to enjoy after dinner with our friends. We all sang Happy Birthday, and laughed the whole evening long.

I am so thankful for such good friends, like Millie and many others, who follow their instincts and God-leadings which brings about such fun-filled-beauty.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Daddy! Today was a day of celebration, friendship, and loving rememberance. God, our Heavenly Daddy, is so good!!

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