Mommy, the refrigerator is blowing hot air inside

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Arie said this morning, “Mommy, the refrigerator is blowing hot air inside.” Hoping she was speaking in some foreign tongue I reply, “What does that mean exactly?” I discovered my old “veggie fridge” in my garage blew hot air all night nuking the bulk veggies that I pack into it…Annoying but please, as one if my good friends once said “This is a First World People Problems.” The bonus of this unexpected hiccup was appreciating all over again an amazing neighbor who helped me out! Tonight, the fridge still blows hot. I cleaned it out and my neighbor will tinker with it a bit tomorrow. It was a great day of cleaning out the garage and laughing with a good friend and my family. Sophia told me before bed, “I love my world, Mommy.” “What do you mean by that?” I ask. “My family, my life, I love it.”, she smiled back at me.ย 

Yes. Sometimes life slows you down to help you see that all you need is already there.

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