Loss and Parkland

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I LOVE my high school classmates, we went to school together in S. Florida. We’ve been friends for more than 30 years and we stand by one another through thick and thin. Some of my best memories of my life are with these people. Last night, I did a double-take as I read a FB post from a HS classmate that said his daughter was marked “safe” due to a school shooting. I was so glad that their child was safe but Horrified to know that she had gone through a shooting situation, let alone a shooting where anyone died, let alone the death of 17 people in her school. I kept thinking of how their family will process this experience. How life turned on a dime. How glad I am that their family is alright and how heartbreaking for the families that lost loved ones and friends. What I have to say is nothing compared to what they have experienced. There are many problems to fix. At this moment, I pray for peace, for wholeness, for rest for those that have lost so much.

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