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Less Stuff More Life Moving Update: We have found an AMAZING PLACE TO LIVE which allows us to DOWNSIZE OUR LIVING EXPENSES! Downsizing our expenses helps me to remain in full-time in widow ministry. We are moving to a great place by April 29th, and have a HUGE estate sale planned for May 17, 18, & 19. We will vacate our house by May 31. This plan allows me enough time to downsize our 4,000 sq ft home and fully exit. “Many hands make light work,” as the saying goes. As a widowed mom, I don’t post my address online, but if you would like to join in the fun of downsizing and moving, please send me a PM and, if I know you, I will send our sign up info to help us move. Thanks, friends and family, for all your support!! We love you all!! GOD IS BIG ENOUGH!!!

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