Firehouse Flamenco Fearless

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Firehouse, Friends, Flamenco, and Fearless…Welcoming Fifty this Friday! “Be Fearless, Mom”, Arie whispered in my ear. “Go up and dance!” The guitarist invited any dancers in the audience to take the stage while the featured dancer was changing costumes. It had been years since I had danced flamenco and I had taken my daughters to this event at the Old Smyrna Firehouse, owned by my friendΒ Robert Harrison, as a fun moment just for my girls and I. My birthday isn’t until this Friday but I may take the whole month to celebrate! I like to mark a new decade with a theme, and I thought that Fearless was as good a theme as any…So dance I did with a live flamenco guitar trio behind me, Arie took a few pictures. The featured flamencoΒ dancer was lovely…and Polish too…What a wonderful time we had! Thank you, Robert, for hosting such a fun event at your beautiful firehouse!

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