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My father passed away in November of 2017. He was a big supporter of our widows’ ministry. His passing hit our family hard on many levels. Financially, I asked my girls if I should go back to work in the news to make more money or do we severly downsize our expenses so I may continue to serve our widowed population? Our family chose what we call “Less Stuff, More Life.”

In January of 2018 my daughters and I began the process of downsizing from a 4,000 square foot home with a an 1,100 sq ft basement FULL and TWO HUGE attics FULL of our stuff to a 1500 sq ft basement apartment with no attic space.

My teen and tween daughters now share a bedroom and one modest closet. My youngest daughter went from a basement and closets full of toys to one small cabinet. We three share one bathroom.

It has taken the better part of almost two years to downsize our clutter. It is still a work in progress.

And you know what? Life is so much better now! We LOVE our new home!

We just purged again in preparation for going back to school this week. What a difference! Less frustration. Less chores. More time together. Peace.

I’ve learned a few things along the way and am happy to share lessons learned. Here is my short list of go-to platforms and places to turn my clutter into cash.

Stuff to Know

Upfront Payment vs. Consignment Commission
Cash-out, upfront payment is lower, but you do walk out of the store with cash or check in-hand. You can also choose a higher percentage of pay-out on your clothing in in-store credit.

Consignment Commission: The shop-owner picks the clothing they are interested in and offers a higher commission IF the items sells. There is no upfront payment. They also offer in-store credit.

Call ahead. There may be cut-off times for selling your items that are earlier than the closing time of the store. Ask how many items you can bring and how often.

Online Apps to Resell Your Stuff: There are many apps and I cannot rate them all. I’ll just be sharing what I’ve used and what has come highly recommended. When you resell your own items, you can make more money per item, but you will also spend time responding to inquires and either going to the post office or meeting someone you don’t know in a safe, public space to deliver your item for sale.

Google “Ten Best….”: You fill in the blank. Ten best women’s consignment or kids consignment or sports consignment or furniture consignment stores in your area. Then read the Yelp reviews. It’s a great place to start.

Physical Locations for Women’s Clothing: Local and National

Buffalo Exchange: National locations. Up-front Payment & In-Store Credit. Junior, Women’s and Men’s clothing.
This second hand store ranks first because they have multiple locations around the US and they paid a fair price for my gently used items. (Super trendy and great for Back to School shopping and some unusual finds). The location in Atlanta really liked my style which can be a cross between BOHO/corporate/with some fem-pirate thrown in). On our clothing, purses, and shoes we averaged $4-7 per item in cash-out payment.

Rag-O-Rama: Atlanta and Ohio only. Up-front Payment & In-Store Credit. Junior, Women’s and Men’s clothing.
Located in Little Five Points and Sandy Springs. This second hand store is super trendy with an urban feel. They tend to pay pretty well and, in my opinion tie for first for paying for clothes and shoes with Buffalo Exchange.
(Super trendy and great for Back to School shopping and some unusual finds). On our clothing, purses, and shoes we averaged $4-7 per item in cash-out payment.

Back by Popular Demand: Marietta and Lilburn, GA locations only. Online too and will ship on orders over $150. Consignment Only. Children’s and Women’s clothing.
Features a number of designer items, corporate and casual wear, and has an 8,000 sq. ft. location for children’s clothing in Gwinnett, GA.
They are true consignment. They do not pay for clothing upfront, so here’s the deal. They will pick the pieces they are interested in and if it sells, you will make a higher commission. The catch: if after 60 days, it doesn’t sell, items are donated. If the value the item being sold at the store is over $50, you can pick up the item instead of donating it. The pickers chose many of my clothing pieces and my daughter’s clothing pieces too. They have an app so you can track your own clothing/shoes/purse/sunglasses/necklace sales.

Ecologie Vintage: Kennesaw, GA. Up-front Payment & In-Store Credit.
This is a trendy, vintage second hand store with a BOHO feel. My girls and I really enjoyed their items. Cash payout was around $4.50 per item for our items.

Plato’s Closet: National Locations: Up-front Payment & In-Store Credit.
Google your local location to see what they take.
“470 locations throughout North America today….It has consistently ranked as one of the best franchises by Entrepreneur and Forbes magazines.”
(Takes junior sizes, men’s and women’s). In my opinion, the pay isn’t that high for clothing items, but they may take more items.
They took some of my clothing and Arie’s. Average price per piece was $2 or less for our clothing. Here’s where volume is your friend at this store. If you have a lot to sell, it can add up.

Coupon shopping for Plato’s Closet: I found this link for tips and tricks to shop Plato’s Closet and it looks pretty good!

Kid’s Clothing: Local locations and Online

Back by Popular Demand: Refer to listing above. Their second location in Lilburn, GA and sells children’s clothing and prom dresses. They have online options. You can consign your children’s clothing at the Marietta location too. The items will be sent to Lilburn.

Rhubarb and Custard Consignment: Atlanta location with Online option
We haven’t visited this store yet, but it came highly recommended. Worth a try!

Kid to Kid: Local and National Locations, Up-front Payment & In-Store Credit (national store locator link). (in Kennesaw, GA)
We have visited the Kennesaw location and the staff are very nice. They donate unwanted clothing to the local women’s shelter. Paid about $2 or less per clothing item. They take toys but haven’t tried that yet.

Once Upon a Child: National Locations. Up-front Payment & In-Store Credit to find a store nearest to you.
Haven’t sold here yet, but walked in and it looked pretty good. I arrived at 3:04 and their purchasing cut-off time was 3:00 because they were backed up. I asked and think they pay about the same as Kid to Kid.
Call ahead to find out the cut-off time for selling you clothing.

Favorite Reselling Apps on My Phone: This has been my most successful option to sell my items. I like the accountability and am a member of multiple online yardsale FB groups. I tend to get the best prices for my gently used items here.

This is my second most successful app for reselling. I like the FB profile accountability. Sometimes I get low-ball offers. It’s hit and miss for me on this platform. Came highly recommended by a friend that has nicer stuff than me and sells successfully on this platform. Came highly recommended by a friend that has nicer stuff than me and sells successfully on this platform. Came highly recommended by a friend that has nicer stuff than me and sells successfully on this platform.

Do you have a favorite way to turn clutter into cash? Share the love in the comments below! Thanks!

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Mishael Porembski,

Founder, Widow Strong

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