Bulk Cooking Experiment Phase 1 Completed

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Bulk Cooking Experiment Phase 1 Completed…

Well, after nearly two days of cooking, my family now enters into the second phase of my experiment. Does bulk cooking actually save me time or will it, in fact, kill me? Will my family eat everything it took me approx. 18 (!) hours to make in less than 72 hours or will it actually last the two or so weeks I am hoping for? That remains to be seen. Made from scratch, I now have no less than 17 gallon-size ziplock bags of frozen apple/honey Belgian waffles (kids and Papa love to toast these in the morning, and yes, I use four waffle makers to power through or it would take an ice age) four pizza doughs baked for ten mins and now frozen, (8) 8 oz jars of chili con carne and (4) 16 oz jars of chicken soup. We also have four regular size fresh bread loaves and four mini loaves, just cause we can.

We made and devoured ground buffalo (low fat, grass-fed) empanadas with a spicy rub on the meat and added that same spicy rub (called Butt Rub…tastes amazing!) as a dusting on the outside of the empanadas. From that batch, we have three empanadas left and Arie was already negotiating with me this evening who out of the four of us will polish them off tomorrow morning.
I have taste-tested more bread today than I care to mention. I predict that many power walks are in my future. Pounds gained not withstanding,
the best part of it all was cooking with my girls while we swapped stories with my father seated within handy arms-length of sample testing.

All three of us girls dusted with flour, kneading fresh dough and discovering a joy in cooking. All the while my Dad tells us stories of past adventures (“when I was filming President Harry Truman…”) or discusses the etymology of Polish words, which is a recurring theme in our home since the arrival of our beloved Papa. Today’s Polish word trivia of note is that apparently the Polish word which means “to teach” and the word which means “to learn” are either the same or really similar. Don’t ask me what that word is right now…I’ve been cooking. Learning and teaching, haha! Anyway, I rather liked that. Now with Arie studying Latin and Papa sharing Polish terminology, our meal times are full of information I had not thought to consider until now…Which is all well and good if said bulk meals actually last two weeks! As they say…Time will tell.

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