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Breakthrough: Thanks, Friends and Family, for praying for us because the past few weeks have been challenging. Creating the foundation for a healthy, grief empowerment interactive print and video series takes time and effort. Our 180 Your Life team has worked multiple times late into the night to finish by next week!

Simultaneously, fun things like the internet service crashing while we edit, my house contract falling through, or needing to move our ministry to a building yetΒ to be determined also occur. I just have to laugh at this point.

There are times I have asked, “Lord, did I hear You right? Was it the right decision to sell my house and spend that money to create grief empowerment programming?” When times get rough, we wonder if we were ever called in the first place to walk in unfettered faith.

My friend, Scott Rigsby once quoted Churchill to me saying, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Today, I reached out to several national Christian media outlets with very positive results! One story I can share is that we are now working on an article requested by a national Christian magazine! (Will give more deets when it comes out!)

Every adventure has its ups and downs. That’s the deal. Keep pressing on toward your calling. So thankful for our amazing 180 Your Life team and supportive community! You give us the encouragement so that we may empower widows, bereaved women and their families for generations to come! Onward, Friends!Β #180YourLife

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