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THANK YOU for all your Beautiful Birthday Messages! You made me smile all day!!! Just as a quick recap…It was a peaceful, perfect day to bring in my Year of Jubilee! It started with a surprise birthday decoration and celebration with cake, cards, and gifts from my daughters! Perfect!!

They went to school, I went to a Jesuit retreat center for a mini-silent retreat with one of our 2018 180 Widow Team Members, Camila Wright Zolfaghari. We had a lovely time of conversation, then individual silent time. I read one of my new favorite books, Crazy Love by Francis Chan while sitting in the sunshine listening to a huge waterfall. I took a walk and thanked my Heavenly Father for this beautiful, unpredictable, full life.

Then to lunch with my girls and dear friend and former neighbor, Dr. Bridget McKivergan Heneghan, who was also the editor of our 180 Your Life book series and producer of our 180 Your Life video series! We then met Camila Wright Zolfaghari with her daughter at Sope Creek Park and all walked together to see more waterfalls and watch the water dance over the rocks on the Chattahoochee River.

Then back to my house to eat some dinner and watch a movie. What WONDERFUL SURPRISE GIFTS were left on my doorstep! Thank you to Lori Latch Apon and her Amazing team at Widow Life of Perspective Ministries, for your Generous gift and Hydrangeas! Thank you as well to one of my dear mom-friends, Amy Hickox Masters, for the BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers that graced my front porch!! I felt so loved ALL DAY!!

Yesterday was such a peaceful way to bring in the Year of Jubilee!! It was made even sweeter by all your words of encouragement and generous donations to my birthday fundraiser for our 180 Your Grief Widows’ Empowerment Center!! THANK YOU!

I haven’t planned a party yet because I’ve been busy with paperwork for our nonprofit 180 Your Grief Widows’ Empowerment Center. But that’s okay! I’m 50 now and I’m making more of my own rules…so I declare February a month of celebration! Party to follow sometime soon!

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