16Th Angel Anniversary

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16th Angel Anniversary: April 2nd. In the past, we have honored Jason’s memory by backpack adventuring across Europe, traveling around Costa Rica, scheduling special activities for the entire week, and booking Airbnb spaces. Honoring Arie and Sophia’s father’s memory in a life-giving way and counter-balancing our sense of loss and sorrow, we swung hard.
Like Babe Ruth swung for the fences.
We consider Jason’s angel anniversary starting March 28 and culminating to April 2nd as our sacred time (read my book 180 Your Life to know why). We three usually retreat and have a special family vacation. It’s not a sad time anymore. It’s a together time where we share stories and make new family memories.
This season was different. We had finished moving at 11 PM on Friday night (more on that later, still in GA, and HUGE GRATITUDE to those that tirelessly helped! ❤️) and stayed in town for a Bat Mitzvah the very next day (Saturday, April 1) for dear friends who have become family.
We have been in community as we packed and moved all last week. It was its own special time with people we love as a family of believers. Being together in community was its own sacred beauty!
This morning, we don’t jump out of the gate like racehorses running to win the triple crown by rushing to a special garden place like Callaway Gardens. Instead, we leisurely slept in and watched church online.
I took no less than three naps today (I hardly ever nap) and am finally beginning to feel rested.
We laughed watching Wren chase her ball gleefully in a friend’s backyard.
We watched HGTV and played salsa music while I made a taco dinner.
Sophia and I then cooked brownies and we three enjoyed them hot with ice cream a la mode for dessert.
“I’m having the time of my life,” Sophia, age 15, said.
Peace and normalcy is its own quiet triumph. Rest, enjoying unhurried life, and trusting God that who we are as a family is enough is His victory.
Living the life God has for us and celebrating the beauty my late husband and Arie and Sophia’s father brought to all of us looks different every year.
This year it looks like rest and peace.
It looks like Sanctuary.
Every year I check the Biblical/Jewish numerical significance of my year of widowhood to set the theme for the year. Sixteen means “lovingkindnesses.”
We welcome God’s year of lovingkindnesses to us! Here’s a great link detailing His lovingkindness for each of us!

12 Ways God’s Hesed Lovingkindness Is For You

Rest well, Babe, and catch you, in God’s timing, on His glorious flip-side. What a heavenly reunion that will be! In the interim, we will honor your memory by joyfully savoring the life God has given us! We love and miss you, and thank God for you!
Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. I Cor 13:13
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