10 Easy Ways to Bless a Widow or Solo Mom this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day can be a stark reminder to a widow or solo mom of what she has lost. While many moms are being blessed on Mother’s Day, this day can actually be very difficult for other moms. Just the smallest kind gesture can make a HUGE difference!

I remember one Mother’s Day that my neighbor left me flowers on my porch. That gesture meant so much to me as a newly widowed mom! Another year, a friend ordered chocolates and had them delivered. I was thrilled! Yet another year, a solo mom took my children out to go shopping for presents for me. We were all delighted and never forgot that moment!

All these gestures helped bless my new normal as a widowed mom and I am so thankful for the kindness that was shown to me. Let’s all pay it forward together! Here are some quick, affordable (some are free) and easy ideas! You may be the only one to brighter her day!

10 ways to show a widowed or solo mother how special they are on Mother’s Day.

1. Bring her coffee and breakfast
2. Write or find a poem for her
3.  Give her a homemade gift that comes from the heart
4.  Gift her a class she would enjoy
5.  Invite her and her children to a family activity
6.  Add credit to her audible or prime memberships
7. Extra hug and plenty of smiles
8. Ask her what she’d like
9. Surprise her with a meal she would like (no chicken nuggets)
10. Give her a gift card

By Carrie Stringer (Widow Strong TX Chapter Leader) & Mishael Porembski, Widow Strong Founder

Learn more at WidowStrong.com

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