Launch Luncheon- Orientation/Q and A

Launch Luncheon- Orientation/Q and A


The goal of the launch luncheon strategy is to inform and invite widows to participate in the upcoming 10 week small group experience. We suggest you follow our tried and true outline for best results.


The desired outcome is a list of widows who will participate in the small group.



Planning Steps:


Five weeks prior to the first group session date:

1- Consult with the facility calendar and the staff liaison for the appropriate meeting space and necessary support details such as child care, access to a kitchen, etc. 


2- Select the start date for the 10 weeks of small group gatherings. Be sure to account for holidays and other seasonal or special events. While it’s not necessary to have the weeks be consecutive, that would be optimal.


Four weeks prior to the first group session date:


3- Announce the lunch luncheons throughout your ministry’s communication channels, offering two dates, two and three weeks after the announcement date, to learn about the small group opportunity.

With an eye to the calendar, this first meeting would ideally be about one month prior to the first small group session.


The lunch luncheon can take whatever time and format you choose- bring your own lunch, a light snack after worship, etc. Think of what are convenient times to gather widows in your ministry. We have found a casual, unrushed lunch option brings great results! Widows are often hungry for community, and community is one of the healthy outcomes of the Widow Strong curriculum.


Here is a sample announcement you may use or edit to suit your local situation.


Unless you are a widow, it’s not possible to know what it’s like…


3- Host the gathering

Arrive 30 minutes early to be sure the room is set and ready for the group. Set out the number of chairs needed to ensure the group is “comfortably cozy”. You may wish to have some soft music or light refreshments, or a meal if you are having lunch.


Welcome participants as they arrive and introduce them to one another so they can begin to connect prior to the opening of the session.


At the start time, welcome the group and introduce yourself with a little about you, how long you have been a widow, your family makeup, your job, your hobbies.


Introduce Widow Strong by playing the “Why Widow Strong” video featuring the founder, Mishael Porembski.


Make the invitation to participate in the 10-week New Beginnings study. Provide specifics, such as the day of the week, the time and meeting room, etc.

Explain the participants will come together weekly to share and reflect on some assigned readings each week.


5-  Q & A (handle logistics, such as on site child care, etc, set expectations


6- Invite the ladies to stay after to continue the meet and greet.


7- Pray to close the meeting.


Hi Wonderful Women!


I’m so glad you are interested in being a part of Widow Strong and our ten week 180 Your Life: New Beginnings small group, and I look forward to getting to know you and doing this experience together. Like you, I’m a widow too, and I feel certain we will find lots of common points of connection as we participate in this journey!


We will meet (date) at (time) in (space). If you have children, you can drop them off in the loving care of our awesome child care volunteers, in room (number).


Plan on being with us in this first gathering for about an hour. We will go over the schedule for the ten week course, and provide you with the necessary book and participant journal you will be using. There will be time for us to briefly meet and greet, and answer any and all questions! 


See you (date and time)!


2- Download the contact information sheet (and/or have the link to a Google form you can email the participants after the meeting), release form and syllabus documents to bring to the meeting, where participants can share their contact information at the end of the meeting. State that at the next gathering, you’ll share that information for the group to use to stay in contact with one another through the experience.


3- Edit the syllabus sheet to reflect the upcoming meeting dates for your group, and print enough copies to share with the participants.


Here is the link to the contact information sheet.


Here is the link to the release form.


Here is the link to the syllabus, which you can easily add the dates for your particular schedule before printing.


4- Check to ensure you have a main book and a participant journal for each participant.


*If you need more materials, 


Leading the prequel meeting:


Following up on week 1 prequel meeting:


1- Pray for your participants often, by name.