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What if…You were at a dinner with a WWII concentration camp survivor, stage 4 cancer survivor, survivors of suicide, army widow survivor, a 19-year-old pregnant military widow survivor, divorced mom survivor, a pastor/grief counselor who is now a widower survivor, and friends who wisely supported and empowered those going through loss, seated all around one table sharing their experiences of how they not only survived but thrived after loss?

Well, we did that last Thursday, May 4th. It was our first #180YourLife#WomanofValor Dinner, honoring widows and women who have #TurnedTragedyintoTriumph. We filmed the whole event so you could be there too. It will be part of our #180UGriefEmpowermentVideoSeries. Simply put, it was one of the Best Nights of my Life. Learn more about how to join our grief empowerment video course at 180YourLife.com.

If you’d like to support our sister nonprofit, 180 Your Grief, Inc., to empower widows and bereaved women with Hope, Health, and Healing, please click on the Donate button. Thanks!

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