When My Freefall Becomes Flying

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When My Free-Fall Becomes Flying: While we are taping the 180 Your Life video class segments, I am having a conversation in the back of my mind as I survey all that would need to be packed to move by Wed Sept 14th. It goes something like this, “God, I want to breathe into a paper bag. How, HOW will we get this all done? I cannot coordinate more…we have to shoot these segments and I’m in all of them. I cannot coordinate packing up my house too in the same week. I will simply trust you to take over my schedule.” I have prayed this over and over again in the back of my mind as I ponder the logistics and proceed in 12 hour days of video production. And then yesterday at 5:00 PM I checked my email between taping interviews and my realtor sent me a message saying that the closing scheduled for this Wed Sept 14th needed to be delayed by the buyer by 6 weeks to the end of October. We will still close, the buyer needed more time due to a minor technicality. Perfect timing! This whole process is teaching me that I can truly trust God with the details. We can Boldly Step Out into the mission given, like creating 180 Your Life programing to hopefully empower widows, families and women after loss. Then I wondered, “If my house doesn’t close, how will I pay the crew for the video production we are in RIGHT NOW? I had told everyone that I would pay them after my house closed next week on Sept 14th.” Later that evening, a donor came forward with financing! Stepping out in Faith like this feels like a Free-Fall to me almost Every Day, but then somehow you open your wings and Trust and it turns into Flying. #180YourLife#180YourLifeTheGodAdventure

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