Leveraging Loss into Leadership: 180 Widows’ Empowerment Center 2019 Update!

 In General

I’m excited to share with you our quick updates! Please take a few minutes to watch our brief video sharing incredible stories of widow triumph!

Our sister nonprofit, the 180 Your Grief Widows’ Empowerment Center, a 501c3, is Ministry Venture certified and the only full-time, independent widows’ empowerment center in Atlanta!

Friends, I am asking for your support at a critical time.

As we launch into 2019, we are asking our community for your immediate support and partnership. A significant donor who helped make our work possible is no longer able to partner with us at the same level. We are deeply grateful for their participation and now ask for your help as we must raise $54,000 annually or $4,500 per month to sustain our widows’ center and comprehensive programs.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any size to help us continue providing young widows and their families with the support they desperately need. Find out more here: 180YourGrief.org

Your support enables the following widow programs and initiatives:

  • Widow Empowerment Workshops & Educational Podcasts
  • Widow Outreach Social Events
  • Widow Exercise Team Training for 5K, 10K, & Sprint Triathlon
  • In-person & Online Widow Grief Empowerment Support Groups
  • Strategic university internships
  • Strategic nonprofit alliances that offer additional comprehensive support to widows and their children

There are 3 Easy Ways You Can Partner With Us.

(Please click on the link below to make your tax-deductible donation):

  • Our First 180 Widows’ Leadership Retreat in January was AMAZING!! Widowed moms teamed together at Promise Point, hosted by national women’s speaker and author Harriet Sulcer, in the North Georgia Mountains for a goal setting and strategizing weekend to customize our ministry so we may serve the greatest needs of widowed families.

Please check out our updated nonprofit website at 180YourGrief.org and visit our giving page to make your tax-deductible donation here: 180YourGrief.org/give

    • Widow Race Team: Our 2019 Widow’s Team is training for a 5K, 10K, & Sprint Triathlon this season!
    • Widow Outreach: We are planning monthly widow outreach events, workshops, and widow table talk podcasts!
    • 180 Widows’ Team Retreat in Texas: 180 Team Texas launches with a 180 Widow’s Empowerment Retreat outside of Austin this March 1, 2, & 3rd! A HUGE Thanks to Ron Blue Trust for sponsoring widow retreat scholarships! Here’s the FB link to our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/554322345070598/
    • 180 Grief Empowerment Workshop in partnership with Apex Christian Singles, the largest Christian singles organization in the US, is taking place in Marietta this March 16th & 23rd! Thanks to Pastor Ron Wean, LPC, for co-presenting this workshop on the 8 Steps of Grief Empowerment with me! Heres’ our most recent 180 Podcast with Apex Christian Singles founder, Matt Corley.

180 Podcast

  • Grant & Cobb County: We are applying for Grant with Cobb County this month (February) and are now on the Cobb Community Connections website. Click Here for the link.
  • College Interns: We are making strategic alliances with Life University and Kennesaw State University for bachelor’s and master’s level internships which will help us grow our support team and save our center 85% off the cost of full time staff.
  • Strategic Service Alliances: We are making strategic alliances with area nonprofits to provide extensive widow care such as free food, job readiness training, college scholarships for widows, and tutoring for children of widows.



Barry’s Menswear in Gainesville, GA

Real Fake Buildings

Calvary Church Jupiter


JUICE PLUS by Harriet Sulcer, national women’s speaker & author


  • Will you please help us by sharing our 2019 Widows’ Team Budget Campaign with your friends through social media this month? Studies show that we are 3X more likely to raise funds when friends promote our campaign on their social media feeds. Thank you for your consideration. Here’s the link: 180YourGrief.org/give

Thank you again for your support! We couldn’t be helping widows and their families to become #StrongerTogether for generations to come without you!

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