Cleaning the Bricks

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There is a story that introduces Step 7, of the 180 Your Life 8 Step Program, and it’s called Cleaning the Bricks in the documentary I made entitled, Burning Questions. It’s about my father’s experience as a Polish Catholic Nazi concentration camp survivor of Bergen Belsen in Germany. In the documentary, my father shares the story about the rebuilding of Warsaw after WWll. The city was decimated, up to 85% of the buildings were bombed. And yet, the people came back to rebuild their city. They cleaned the bricks for fifteen years and rebuilt their city as a monument to hope. I remembered this story again after I became a widow. I was inspired by the determination and resilience of the citizens of Warsaw to pick up the bricks of their broken dreams, clean them and make them into something useful. I later realized that’s what we can do with the broken bricks of our dreams, use them to make something good, something that helps others and is a monument to hope. That’s what my book, 180 Your Life, actually is, cleaning my broken bricks and rebuilding my life until it became a purposeful teaching tool. I hope that helps you too. Here’s the video:

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