10-year 180 Anniversary

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Today Marks a 10 Year 180 Anniversary: On this day, ten years ago, one of the darkest days of my life and for our family occurred. I came home to discover that my sweet, kind-hearted husband had left and I could and not find him. Five days later, on April 2nd, 2007, my children lost their doting father to suicide and I would become a pregnant widow with an almost three year old daughter. Our hearts were shattered beyond recognition.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Today, ten years later, I reflected on our past as we spent part of my day with my 180 Your Life ministry partner, Pastor Ron Wean, while being coached on best ministry practices to support widows (like myself), bereaved women and their families by our executive coach,ย Beth Bennettand the amazing team at Ministry Ventures.

Returning home, I was so happy to see the excellent progress of our production team as they create the 180U grief empowerment video course!

Nothing can bring our old life back. Nothing erases the loss. But we can make good choices to empower our grief and honor our loved ones moving forward. I am so thankful for the time I did get to share with my husband, Jason, and that we did have two beautiful daughters who are our lovely living legacies!

I wondered ten years ago if God’s hope and promises were real enough to handle my anguish, anger and lonliness.

Today I can assure you that God is Faithful to bring beauty from the ashes of loss, if we choose to trust Him with our hearts and the broken pieces of our shattered dreams. He uses those broken pieces of our heart to help others in a way we never imagined. This journey changed our lives and gives purpose to pain…it even ushers in Joy.

That’s the 180 Turning Tragedy into Triumph.

That’s Real Hope for Real Grief.

THANK YOU to all the friends and family who have walked this journey with us in a million big and little ways. We would not be in this healthy place, able to encourage and help others with the hope we were given, if it weren’t for your love, laughter, and practical help. WE LOVE YOU!!ย #180YourLife

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