2022 Ministry Impact

2023 Ministry Goals

Will You Join Us?

Widow Strong Current Monthly Donor Partnership: $4250
These funds support one full-time staff person as well as online & in-person widow outreach, social events, and administration/accounting services.

Together we can multiply our growth and loving service to widows, their children, and our church partners!

Here’s how you can help:

Care Initiative:

Widow hotline
Widow events online and in-person
Online and In-Person Widow Outreach
Monthly Ministry Goal: $3500

Community Initiative:

Free Online widow grief empowerment support groups
Retreat coordination and scholarships for Member & Leadership Retreats
Local Chapter Events in Partnership with Churches
Online Widow Database, Widow Strong Community App, and Tech Support for Church Chapters
Monthly Goal: $4500

Cultivate Initiative:

Widow Small Group Leadership Training
Widow Strong Church Partnership Outreach
Church Event Training
Monthly Goal: $3500