Widow Strong Initiatives for 2020

Your tax-deductible donation makes these vital programs FREE to widowed families and their children. Please consider becoming a monthly donor today and give the gift of health, hope, and healing to a widow and her children year-round! Thank you.

Giving Pantry & Cooking Workshops: Widowhood can severely affect a family’s finances and access to healthy food. In association with local food banks, Widow Strong will hold a pop-up grocery once per month to feed up to 400 food-insecure families. Cooking workshop is included on the same day as food distribution to instruct how to use the fresh veggies, fruits, and other food items to create nutritionally dense dishes. Chef Inger Smith, a celebrity and elite athlete chef, will be joining us to conduct the cooking workshops! Initiative test period: 3 months staring February, 2020.

Widow Strong Chapter Leadership Training: Empowering widows to support other widows in their community through local bi-weekly Widow Strong chapter group facilitation. We train our widowed leaders monthly on topics of grief group facilitation, bridging cultural differences, outreach into their community, becoming an effective leader, media engagement, and more!

Mastermind Widowed Entrepreneur Workshops: Empower widows (many of them widowed moms with children) to craft a life they love after loss. This career coaching workshop series will incorporate instruction by industry leaders and networking environments. Includes childcare.

Widow Strong Monthly Gathering: A monthly outreach event to invite new widows and their children as well as current members to learn, connect, and grow together.  Grief empowerment workshop for widows and their children. Dinner and childcare included. 

Widow Strong Talk Show Pod/Webcast:  
Sponsor highly engaging, fun, informational episodes of the Widow Strong Talk Show, seen by of 16K followers and growing! This talk show, is in “The View” television format with widowed hosts talking about solo parenting, finances, life after loss, and many other topics with our guests. We leave ALL politics off the table. We LOVE thanking our sponsors and adding live links to their website! Click on the giving button to learn more!

Service Teams to Widowed Families: 
In partnership with local businesses and churches, we connect widowed families that need service teams to help with garage clean-out, organization, yard cleanup, and more! Your tax-deductible donation helps us serve 25 widowed families with a service team visit their home. Click here to watch a 2 minute video to see the impact of our service days for widowed families.