How To Give via Text Message

Your generosity funds our important ministry. As you give, you play a direct role in the overall impact of our organization. If you do not have cash or a check with you but would like to give to us today, that ability is now at your fingertips!

Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Text the words WidowStrong to the number 77977. If this is your first time to give, you’ll get a text back with a link to set up your text message giving account.

Don’t forget to save the number in your phone for future gifts!

Step 2

Fill out your payment information. After you have done this once, it will be remembered for future donations. Once a donation is made, you will receive a receipt in your email inbox.

Step 3

Manage your giving easily with text commands. For example, you can set up a recurring donation by texting the command “REPEAT”. Text “support” for a full list of text commands

We love seeing how generous our donors are. Your time, talent, and resources are helping us change the world. We sincerely hope that being able to manage your giving via text will be a helpful tool. Thank you!