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Your corporate tax-deductible donation provides innovative, compassionate, & comprehensive support to widows and their children. Please watch our quick video and contact us to learn more about corporate sponsorship levels. Thank you!


Widow Stats:

  • Did you know that Widows are part of the Fastest Growing Demographic in America?
  • Widow Strong serves the “Golden Demograhic” which are women between the ages 35 and 65.
  • There are approximately 800,000 NEW widows every year in the US.
  • 3.5 Million widows in the US are primary caregivers to young children each year.
  • There are over 15 million widows in the United States.
  • There are 20 Million Widows in the US and only 2 APPS to serve widows! Widow Strong is one of those apps.

The most important factor in the health and wellness of a child after loss is the health and wellness of their primary caregiver.


  • The goal of Widow Strong is to empower widows and their families to thrive after loss through a mind/body/spirit comprehensive approach.

Widow Strong Serves Widows & Their Children in 5 Ways:

  • Personal & Digital Outreach
  • Dynamic Online Workshops (Here’s a sample:
  • Local and Online Grief Support Group Facilitation
  • Widowed Leadership Training
  • Local Service Events


  • Because of our donors and sponsors, participation in our chapters is free of charge to attendees.
  • Widowed Leaders are trained at no cost to them so they can focus on supporting those who are grieving.
  • Serving Over 100 Widowed Local Families per Month (We are now in 3 states and growing)
  • Educating 16,000 followers per week with grief empowerment strategies
  • Empowering widowed leaders with training to serve in their local community.

Rebuild & Restore Reality Program Partners with Widow Strong: Launching April 2021

  • In April of 2021, Rebuild and Restore, the first reality show will be launched by
  • Pure Flix has over 400K subscribers in the US and Canada.
  • Rebuild and Restore is a reality-based, extreme makeover program that gifts a home renovation to a widowed family.
  • The founder of Widow Strong, Mishael Porembski, is the on-air widow and grief expert for this show.
  • Rebuild and Restore partners directly and exclusively with Widow Strong.

The following are links to this upcoming show, including segments with Mishael Porembski.

Serving Together:  Will you partner with Widow Strong to provide necessary, consistent support to widowed moms and their children?

Partnering with Widow Strong is Easy: Your tax-deductible donation directly provides live, monthly, grief support, life skills, and leadership training to widows and their families through local and online chapters.

We have created an excellent Win-Win solution for widows and area chapter sponsors. To show our gratitude, we have wonderful perks to thank our sponsors! Please contact us to learn how we can customize a sponsorship package that benefits your business and our widowed community.

Thank you again for learning more about partnership with Widow Strong to bring hope, health, and healing to widows and their children!
Stronger Together,
Mishael Porembski
Founder, Widow Strong
*Inclusion of business information with Widow Strong is at the discretion of the Founder and Board of Directors. Numbers are approximate based on reports. Thank you.