180 Your Life Creative Production Services

Utilize our State-of-the-Art Video/Audio/Graphic Production Facility Services and Help Support the Widow Strong Widows Empowerment Center.

Located at 2105 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30152 between the new Sewell Mill Library & Faith Lutheran Church

Attention Entrepreneurs, Video Podcasters, Individuals, and Businesses Seeking

Professional Video Production

Create a professional-level, broadcast-quality 3-camera, talk show style video podcast, record an audio book, record voice-overs, and have your video editing or graphic production needs met at our 180 Your Life production state-of-the-art facility. You can book your time directly on our page.  Proceeds help benefit our sister 501c3 nonprofit,  Widow Strong: Widows Empowerment Center.

A portion of the proceeds goes to fund the Widow Strong Widows Empowerment Center

Contact Mishael Porembski at hello@widowstrong.com for more information.

Media Production Offers:

Media Technician/ Video Editor services available.

Our editing bays use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite running on Mac Pros running

OSX Catalina.

Professional Editing Time: 8 hours of editing per day, with video editor only. Can be used for motion graphics, audio editing, photoshop graphic generation, & video editing.

Fee does not cover executive production services, pre-production consultation, pre-production media services, or scripting. These services are available as add-on features. Special is for 8-hour blocks, not hourly rate. Time blocks can be split with sharing businesses or nonprofits.

Call for Pricing: 678-871-0180

Editor Joey Garza LinkedIn profile

Joey Garza has over 15 years of video editing experience. He has edited Telly award-winning advertisements for Chattahoochee Technical College. He also worked as an apprentice in the Georgia Public Broadcasting Educational division. Joey is an editor of the 180 Your Life 12-Month Grief Empowerment series and the 180 Your Life 10-Week Grief Empowerment series. His expertise is in editing long format programming, one-minute social media promos, video podcasting, audio podcasting, graphics for internet and social media. He is proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects.

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To reserve your time:

  1. Call for a price quote and payment options.
  2. Book your time on Calendly widget on the right

For cancellation, prior 48 hour notice by e-mail is necessary to receive a full money-back guarantee.

Video/Podcast 3-Camera Set and Audio Booth Studio Rental with Technician

Use of Studio Space: Includes use of professional level sound recording booth and 3-camera video podcast studio. Any additional change to standard camera set up can be done for additional fee. Sessions are booked in 1, 2, 4, and 6 hour time blocks. Time blocks can be shared with another nonprofit or business.  Call for pricing: 678-871-0180

To reserve your studio time:

  1. Call 678-871-0810 for pricing and payment options.
  2. Schedule using the Calendly widget on the left

For cancellation, prior 48 hour notice by e-mail is necessary to receive a full money-back guarantee.

Example of the Podcast studio in use:

Executive Producer Add-On Option: Mishael Porembski

Mishael Porembski’s LinkedIn

To book Mishael’s production services, please e-mail her at hello@180yourlife.com.

Would you like expert advice on how to structure your video or plan your production? With more thank two decades of experience, let me help you organize and execute your video or audio project. I can also bring on addional team members such as a script writer, producer, network camera operators, and more to make sure your project has a high-end polish.

Sharing a story with a purpose is my passion. Working in broadcast network news for over 20 years, I have national production experience in producing, editing, writing, on-air talent and shooting with HD cameras. I was honored to direct and product a project entitled “Burning Questions,” which aired nationally and won a “Best Documentary” Southeastern Emmy Award.

Now a widowed mom, I’ve merged my media expertise and my personal experience to create a healthy, dynamic grief empowerment series of books (180 Your Life) and companion video course (180U) to empower bereaved women and their families.

As the founder of Widow Strong, our mission is to be a growing tribe of empowered widows getting stronger together in body, mind, and spirit.

My specialties include: Writing, Speaking, Group Facilitation, Broadcast Editing, Producing and On-Camera Grief Expert/Commentator

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Location: Our production facility is located at the Widow Strong: Widows Empowerment Center at 2105 Lower Roswell Road in Marietta, GA 30068. We are situated across the street from Zaxby’s, between Faith Lutheran Church and the Sewell Mill Libary and Cultural Center.