This 10-week grief empowerment package is an overview study of the 8 Grief Empowerment Steps in the award-winning, clinically-proven 180 Your Life grief guide for women.

This program includes:

  • 180 Your Life From Tragedy to Triumph Woman’s Grief Guide (book)
  • 180 New Beginnings 10-Week Journal (book)
  • 180 New Beginnings Leadership Guide. (book)
  • Ten (20-minute) video sessions on two DVD’s. Each video session expands on the corresponding grief empowerment step found in the main 180 Your Life Women’s Grief Guide.
  • Bonus download-able leadership materials, gives you all the materials needed to host your own 180 Your Life group.
  • BONUS-free 180U membership (bonus $80 gift with purchase)

Step 1:

Empower Your Ground Zero

 Creating healthy boundaries helps control chaos and helps you empower those around to you help in practical ways, such as nourishing your body while you are grieving.

Step 2:

Forge Your Team

A supportive community is vital to your healing. Initially, your Posse helps you create order out of the chaos in your life. In time, you will create a Team, working together to achieve a common goal.

Step 3:

Train Your Mind

Gain control over life by taking positive steps to simplify your home, finances and family processes and create peace in your living environment.

Step 4:

Train Your Body

Learn how to eat to create your optimal health and work to accomplish a healthy goal, in a team environment, with a finish line, like training for a 5K, 10K or Sprint Triathlon.

Step 5:

Train Your Spirit

Forgiveness, releasing anger and gratitude affect our bodies on a biochemical level. They are  healthy steps for our mind, body, and spirit,

Step 6:

Cross Your Finish Line

Accomplishing goals sets a healthy pattern for your life as you move forward. It doesn’t matter if you run or if you walk across a finish line, it’s not about competing but about completing.

Step 7:

Live Your Legacy

Helping others releases endorphins in your body and gives purpose to your pain. Leverage your loss into a kind of leadership for creating a legacy of hope.

Step 8:

Unveil Your Triumph

Honor your loss and acknowledge your year’s journey. You have become a Woman of Valor, forged in the fires of grief, now trained to bring your wisdom to help others.

Example sessions from the 10 Week New Beginnings Set:

Example trailers from the 10 Week New Beginnings Set:

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Downloadable Extras

Beginner: 5k-Plan

Beginner 5 K training plan

Beginner: 10 K

10 K Training Plan

Beginner: Sprint Triathalon

Beginner Sprint Triathlon Plan

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