Widow Strong: 3 Big Ideas for 2022

Big Idea #1 Care

Serving Her Physical Needs

  • Emergency Fund: Widow Home Repair, Counseling, Gas/Grocery Cards
  • Necessity Fund: Grocery Cards & Holiday/Birthday Gift Cards for Fatherless Children
  • Blessing Fund: Gift Bags for Widows & Fatherless Children

Watch Carla’s Strong Story

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Big Idea #2 Community

Serving Her Emotional Needs

  • 180 Your Life Workshops (in-person and online) : Impacting 300 widows per month
  • Widow Grief-Support Meetings (using 180 Your Life Biblically-based curriculum) : Impacting 50-100 widows per month & growing
  • Monthly Outreach Gatherings: Impacting 300 widowed families per month

Jamie’s Strong Story

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Big Idea #3 Cultivate

Serving Her Spiritual Needs

  • Seed New Widow Strong Chapters
  • Scholarship Widow Strong Leadership Training
  • Support Widow Strong Member, Family, & Leadership Retreats

Phillys and Jovita’s Strong Stories

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*Bonus Idea: (re)Create

Expand the Use and Outreach of Our Widows’ Center

Our Widows’ Center has grown a little worn from serving widowed families for the last four years. Please consider giving to our (re)Create Fund to refresh our widows’ center to become even more welcoming and inviting as we expand our touch to our widows and their children. Examples below are of the Widows’ Center current state and a simulated vision of our projected (re)Created warm & inviting look. Use slider on photos for more details. Contact us for in-kind gifts or other support. Thank you!

Watch Widow Strong 2021 Gathering Events

Our Widows’ Center Front Room Meeting Area is designed to feel homey and welcoming for widows and their children. We also have a grief library wall. Our carpet is worn and stained. Having a floor that is wipe-able and more durable is a great way to welcome and invite our widowed families to Widow Strong.

Our back room is now used to create our outreach media and webpages. We would love to move our files & media room to future admin offices and open this room up for art crafts and life/parenting/cooking/job readiness workshops for widows and their children throughout the month.

Sometimes you just need to sing because laughing goes a long way towards healing. This area adjacent to our cozy seating area is used to stage potluck meals, hold art supplies, and supplies for gift bags that are given on multiple holiday and special-day events to encourage widows and their children.